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Like all developed countries of the world, goal of our country is also to be developed in socially and economically and so to lead this development to higher points and to retain it. Technological developments, in parallel with industrial innovations and economical developments, effective promotion of industrial rights like trademark, patent, industrial design, and utility model, provides special possibilities and immunities for owners.

Formation of trademark, in a long period, requires well planning and budget. In our days, conscious consumers buying trademarks, not product or service anymore. Protecting trademark is important as formation of trademark.

Kimlik Patent organized from DIFFERENT, SOPHISTICATED, RELIABLE professional Europe patent attorneys, lawyers, engineers and experts who; act in conscious of requiring broad vision, common sense, and quick solutions instead of stereotyped thinking and narrow perspectives for problems relative to industrial property rights of trademark, patent, design, and utility model, believe that preventive adjustments for possible technical and legal problems relative to these acquired rights should be applied with PREVENTIVE ATTORNEYSHIP and in attorney-client relation, any kind of information relative to person, company or business life is requiring to keep meticulously.

KIMLIK TRADEMARK AND PATENT AGENCY, in an effort to respond the rising need, keeping both knowledge and procedure operations about intellectual and industrial rights of companies in line with believed principles and code of practice, in warm and amicable relations.

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